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Meet online and in-person! One of the best things about social media is that you can connect with anybody around the world! You can text, call, facetime, video chat, ping, or DM anyone! You can truly take the time to get know someone a bit, to get an idea of them and decide if you would like to continue to form a relationship with that person. Many loving and successful relationships have began through social media. Now its time to go and meet that person. Grab a bite to eat or go bowling to really get to know that person. There are plenty of free activities to do out there and it would be a great first step in deciding if you like to move forward with a relationship, or to stop seeing them. Make sure to be safe, which we'll touch on in another post!

The late Jamaican, Bob Marley, began the saying “One Love” which is still used commonly amongst the Caribbean nations and countries around the world. Marley wanted the world to stop fighting and be at peace. He wanted us to love and respect each other no matter our race, gender or where we come from. Be open to dating someone who may be different from you. “One love, one heart, one destiny” Bob Marley

Your time is valuable! Your time is just as important as anybody elses. I am sure everyone has been through some type of relationship before it brought them to this wonderful dating website! You have worked hard to be the best version of you, and now your ready for the relationship your truly looking for. Knowing your worth will only help see the red flags sooner in the people your dating, and just know if they cannot treat you right there is someone else out there that will make you happy. Life is short so it is okay to move on to someone new. “Be selective with who you invest your time with, wasted time is worse than wasted money”.

To make sure that you match with a compatible person, it is good to take the time to learn a little bit about yourself. Who am I. What do you love/hate to do. What are some of your favorite TV shows, favorite music, and hobbies. Are you a morning person, or a night owl? Do you want a serious relationship or casual. Are you stubborn, work well with other, or love to try new things. Knowing who you are will help you in finding who to date. It will eliminate people who lack common interest and save time. Take the time to figure out what you want and the people who are meant for you will gravitate toward you. “I am who I am, I am what I am, I do what I do and I ain't never gonna do it any different. I don't care who likes it and who don't.” Buck Owens


Be yourself! It is important to know what your interests, hobbies, and skills are so that you can share those things with others when dating. Pretending to be someone you are not, will attract people who are not compatible with you. The relationship may result in failure. Being your authentic self is most natural for you, and you will not have to put in any extra unnecessary energy. Do not be afraid to show your quirky, weird, stubborn, or serious side of your personality, because plenty of people would really love that. Be you and have fun! "Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life"


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